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Puppy Adoption

When you adopt a puppy from Mini Blessings Labradoodles, we set you up for success from day one. Your new furry friend will have had current shots, deworming treatment, and a veterinary exam. They will also have been microchipped as well as socialized to not fear noises and to love people. To help them sleep, we include a blanket which has their mother's and littermates' scents on it. Your sales contract includes a two year health warranty for your puppy. Because we are a small, hands on breeder, we are able to provide you with a quality puppy that is the complete package. Let us show you this beautiful intelligent breed. 


The purchase price for all of this goodness is $3000, part of which is paid in the form of a $500 deposit to hold your place in line for a puppy. Those who submit their deposit earlier get first pick of the litter. It is on a first come, first served basis. Please call us after filling out the adoption form below to send in your deposit and be placed on our list for prioritized pick of the litter.

Puppies may be shipped via airplane at adopter's expense. Please contact us for more details. 

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