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Mini Blessings 


We call ourselves "Mini" Blessings because our labradoodles are miniature in size. We really should call ourselves "many" blessings because of the abundant, wonderful blessings we receive from these furry friends. We are blessed to have found such an affectionate, intelligent, and gentle breed. We are also blessed to be able to socialize your "furry friends" until they reach your home. If you are interested in blessing your family with this premier companion, look no further than Mini Blessings Labradoodles. 

Hello! We are the Peterson family and we breed Miniature Labradoodles.

Blessings Labradoodles began from a family visit to Cheryl's mother, a proud owner of multiple labradoodles.  We knew the breed was shed and allergy free. What we didn't know was how incredibly amazing these dogs could be. Adopting our beautiful Bella taught us even more than we could have learned from her mother's experience. Besides their phenomenal intelligence, perhaps the most important thing we've learned is how loving and patient this breed is. If you are looking for a committed family member, not just a puppy, this is the breed for  you.


Our puppies are descended from the original Australian Labradoodles out of Tegan Park and/or Rutland Manor in Australia. This lineage ensures the health and quality you expect from a multi-generational Labradoodle.


When you take your new puppy home, it will have been socialized and "family trained" in our own home in Flower Mound, TX (Dallas). This experience means we know each puppy's characteristics and can help you choose the perfect pup for your home.

Our Puppies
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